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CFO v Controller Which One Should I Hire?

CFO vs. Controller: Which One Do I Need?

Truthfully, the finance department is not always the first thing business owners think to scale as their company grows. More often than not, business owners come to this realization once they have seen a big jump in revenue and suddenly realize that some more strategic financial planning is in order. So which one should you hire first? A CFO or a Controller?

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Building a Culture of Growth

3 Steps to Create a Growth Culture

To create a growth culture, involve employees in your financial success. We don’t mean foosball tables and microbrews on tap, we mean big picture growth. Here are three steps to create your growth culture.

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Cut Business Expenses as You Grow

How to cut your monthly business expenses as you grow.

Now is a better time than ever to get your business spending under control. Unlike most accountants, we like to focus on growing your business but certain times call for cost-cutting measures. Better yet, if you can cut your monthly business expenses as you’re growing then you’re creating a great capacity to scale.

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