NetSuite Implementation

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Get NetSuite setup the right way, the first time.

You have enough to look after without worrying about your NetSuite implementation, ERP customization and training. As a NetSuite BPO partner, ORBA Cloud CFO will streamline your NetSuite implementation needs.

NetSuite Accounting BPO Partner

NetSuite Implementation with ORBA Cloud CFO Includes

A Dedicated Team

A dedicated team of expert NetSuite consultants and BPO accountants will lead your NetSuite implementation through the discovery stage including training, and configurations right through to launch.


Do you know your most profitable sales channel? Our NetSuite implementation consultants pinpoint your KPIs and growth drivers using customized dashboards to keep you on target.

Financial Reporting

Chart of Accounts and monthly reporting setup on your income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows so that you can meet your short and long-term financial goals.

Inventory Management Setup

Get real-time view of inventory levels and stockouts across all locations and sales channels.

Custom Insights

Get custom dashboards in NetSuite-specific to your needs so you get the real-time insight in order to make important decisions about your inventory management and services.

Demand Planning Setup

Predict future inventory needs based on historical demand, seasonality, open opportunities, sales forecasts.

NetSuite Implementation Steps


Discovery & Project Initiation

Goals: set a clear picture for what you want to gain from using NetSuite

Scope: understand business operations and workflows

Key team members: designate a project lead who will the main point of contact for the NetSuite implementation team.


NetSuite Implementation Requirements

Goals: map current workflows and identify business processes to improve.

Scope: gain an understanding of your business operations and workflows.


Set the Foundation

Goals: Define Chart of accounts, and set up NetSuite for awesome financial reporting, identify key data for migration to NetSuite.

Configure: basic system settings, NetSuite modules and integrations


Account Personalization

Goals: Customize dashboards and NetSuite UI.

Configure: Custom scripts, automated workflows, reports and forms.



NetSuite User Empowerment

Goals: refine system setup and gather feedback 

Scope: interactive sessions with key users with comprehensive training focused on functionalities and customization. Emphasis on best practices to maximize benefits of NetSuite


NetSuite User Training

Goals: validate real-world applicability and user experience. Resolve any issues or gaps.

Scope: thorough testing of scenarios to ensure the NetSuite implementation meets business requirements identified in step 2.


Cutover and Launch

Goals: final transition to new ERP system.

Scope: monito system performance and address issues to minimize disruption.

Key Team Members: will communicate with all stakeholders to update and support as needed during this critical phase.


Goals: provide ongoing support post go-live. Establish a feedback loop for continuous improvement to ensure ERP evolves with your business needs.

Scope: Address user questions, concerns and technical issues promptly. Offer additional training and NetSuite accounting services as needed. 

NetSuite Implementation Cost

How much does NetSuite Implementation Cost?

The cost of NetSuite implementation can vary wildly, but typically falls between $25,000 – $100,000. 

Why such a huge price range? 

NetSuite pricing for the initial implementation depends on a lot of factors and looks different for every business. The main cost drivers include:

And if you already have NetSuite but need some help getting it cleaned up, we do that too. 

Use our NetSuite service pricing table to estimate what your NetSuite cost will be. And while NetSuite pricing can seem like a big cost upfront, we can tell you that all of our clients see the ROI on the other side. 

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Controller-Level Reporting

NetSuite Implementation or Clean-Up

Profitability Analysis

Demand Planning Setup

Automated Accounting Processes

Secure Financial Transactions

Transaction Accounting

Collaboration with Audit and Tax Accountants

Revenue Recognition

Month-End Close

Work with 3rd -Party Service Providers

Financial Planning & Analysis

NetSuite Accounting BPO Partner

*NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning: The only web-based business software suite that allows growing and midsize companies to run their entire business with one integrated system, including accounting/ERP, CRM, and ecommerce. As a NetSuite BPO Partner, ORBA Cloud CFO Services provides our customers with NetSuite accountants and financial management to leverage the ERP solution.