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Cannabis Bookkeeping

Accurate cash accounting processes and documentation including costing and payroll.

Cannabis Controller

Consolidated monthly financials that meet compliance for cannabis companies with multiple entities.

CFO Strategy for Cannabis

Get insight into your financial health with CFO checkups and risk assessments to scale profitably.


Bookkeeping & Accounting for Cannabis Companies

Using consolidated financials, we look after forecasting and reporting so that you can achieve the benchmarks you need in order to succeed.

Real-time, accurate forecasts and projections give you the power to pivot your strategy the moment it will make the most difference to your bottom line. 

Our team of outsourced accountants understand the unique compliance needs and regulations required to deliver an outside-the-box approach to your cannabis company.

We also provide risk assessments for all of your cash accounting processes.

Working with your tax accountant to provide accurate reports, track COGS and navigate tax section 280E to maximize deductions.

Finally, you can have consolidated financials for multiple entities so you can share an accurate financial story with your investors. 

All the benefits of an experienced CFO without the in-house overhead.

"It used to be difficult to connect all the financial dots from our annual budget to our weekly cash flow. With ORBA Cloud CFO on our team I get all the benefits of an experienced CFO without the in-house overhead." 

Outsourced CFO Price Testimonial | Anna Brozek
Anna Brozek, Big Cartel

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