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...quality insight into our business planning forecasts. For the first time ever, we had an accounting services team that was able to work with us and accommodate our unique needs.
Diana Abens
Foresight ROI
...the resources and expertise to handle all of our accounting and finance functions, including budgeting and cash flow management.
Geoff Mikelsons
...a true partner on all accounting related issues, large and small. We highly recommend them to any small to mid-size firm that requires additional accounting support.
John Kinzelberg
Highgate Capital Group
ORBA's Cloud CFO services have been a terrific partner for A Better Chicago.  We have been working together for more than two years.  Rather than build our own finance team, we rely on the Cloud CFO team to manage our budgeting, reporting, accounting and bill-pay.  I have been very satisfied with quality of work, and I feel that ORBA's staff are deeply committed to our success.  I highly recommend ORBA's Cloud CFO services to any entrepreneur who is in need of an outstanding outsourced CFO.”
Liam Krehbiel
A Better Chicago
With ORBA's Cloud CFO services, we get the benefits of a first-rate finance team without all the expense. They give us confidence that our finances will be managed well. When they say they're going to do something, it gets done. The Cloud CFO team is part of our team. They understand our business and help us organize our finances and make the right decisions for the company.”
Steven Collens
One of the big struggles, especially in the finance department, is finding somebody who is not only competent, but who you can trust. Because of our growth finding someone with the right expertise was a challenge, but after a couple of months working with ORBA's Cloud CFO team I was like, wow, I can really let this go and just have weekly check-ins. Now data is accessible. Especially for our marketing efforts to drive growth, having data and being able to group information quickly and efficiently is super important and it’s been happening well.”
Habib Salo
Young Nails

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