Carolyn Koonce, Outsourced Accounting Manager

Meet the Team: A Q&A with Manager, Carolyn Koonce

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Your accounting questions answered.

The longest-standing team member of ORBA Cloud CFO, manager Carolyn Koonce this night owl turned morning person uses only the most understated-emojis. And has seven surprising… pets?

How long have you been working with ORBA Cloud CFO?

Carolyn Koonce, Manager

Carolyn Koonce (CK): Since Red Granite days in 2014, so for 7 years! (Red Granite LLC was acquired by ORBA Cloud CFO in 2016).

If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick?

CK: Textra (for texting), My camera/photos, and Google Maps

Hidden talent?

CK: Once upon a time I could play a few instruments fairly well.

How can someone win a gold star with you?

CK: Problem solving and the willingness to try to figure things out always impresses and delights me.

Morning person or night owl?

CK: I used to be a night owl, but since having children I’ve been forced to become a morning person.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

CK: Any time I can get out on the water with friends is a treat — add in a beer or two and it’s truly perfect.

Favorite Book/Podcast?

CK: The Judge John Hodgman podcast.

Do you have any pets?

CK: I currently have 7 tadpoles.

Favorite song/band?

CK: I can’t pick just one — but two of my favorites are the Talking Heads and Bill Callahan.

Least favorite household chore?

CK: Putting away laundry.

Which season is your favorite?

CK: Autumn

Last photo you took on your phone?

CK: I took a picture of my daughter’s toothless smile — her first tooth is coming in, so it won’t stay that way for long!

What’s your most-used emoji?

CK: It’s a 3-way tie between shrug, face palm and the big tooth grin. 😬

What fictional place would you most like to visit?

CK: I am a fan of Sci-Fi novels and would love to travel through space– specifically the version of space in The Expanse.

Sci Fi Lol GIF by Hallmark Gold Crown - Find & Share on GIPHY

What energizes you/brings you excitement?

CK: Being with my closest friends/family

Truth: What was your go-to work from home outfit? 

CK: Honestly, it was pretty much the same as it would have been if we were going into the office… if I don’t get dressed in the morning I don’t feel like my day has actually started!

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