CFO guidance at a fraction of the cost.

Fractional CFO Services Include:

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Budget planning

Detailed budget-to-actual reports so you can plan for your day-to-day needs.

Key Performance Indicators

We pinpoint and monitor your KPIs and growth drivers to keep you on target.

Financial Reporting

Customized reporting to track profits and costs so that you know your hiring ratios.

Investor Reporting

Rest easy knowing your investor reports are accurate and on time.

Financial Projections

Get financial modeling, projections and forecasts that you can understand.


We coordinate external audit and tax work with your CPA firm as needed.

Grow and scale with more confidence.

"Now that we have been working with ORBA Cloud CFO, we have been able to get our arms around the different parts of our business in terms of gross margin.  This has led to some strong realizations that not only have provided a better foundation for the business, but will allow us to grow and scale with more confidence."

Jamie Johnson, Verde | ORBA Cloud CFO Clients
Jamie Johnson, Verde

Price meets strategy. Get quarterly CFO check-ups without paying the CFO salary.

Gain a financial thought partner so that you can focus on your core business operations.

Identify and track the industry-specific KPIs you need to accelerate growth.


Meet your Outsourced CFO, Kimberly Stanley
The Entrepreneur's CFO


Take the guesswork out of budgeting

Key Assumptions

Using multiple scenarios based on current market trends we build a budget using top-down goals from relevant tactical managers.


Beginning with your cash flow statement, then working backwards through your balance sheet and P&L, we calculate your cash runway and burn rate.

Growth drivers

Using all of: your revenue drivers, variable expenses, COGS, semi-fixed expenses, taxes, depreciation and amortization, we build out your growth drivers.

Budget-to-Actual Reporting

To improve business operations, and get more accurate forecasts we regularly perform budget variance analysis to dig into revenue to determine why you might be off.


Track the right metrics to scale profitably.


Not all KPIs are created equal. Avoid vanity metrics and have us pinpoint and track the right KPIs for your stage of growth .

Set targets to scale

We assign KPIs to various budget line items so you can concentrate on strategic costs and investments.

360° Financial Insight

Financial projections for different scenarios made on reliable assumptions of revenue and expenses.

Get the whole picture

Every month review your balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement using the 3-pronged approach.

Know your hiring ratios

By tracking your profits and costs, you can know exactly when the right time is to scale.

accurate reports, on time

Your investor reports are reliable and on time with KPIs and objectives clearly defined.

Outsourced CFO Services

The financial reports you need, when you need them.

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Deeply committed to your success.

"Rather than build our own finance team, we rely on the ORBA Cloud CFO team to manage our budgeting, reporting, accounting and bill-pay. ORBA's staff is deeply committed to our success. I highly recommend ORBA's Cloud CFO services to any entrepreneur who is in need of an outstanding outsourced CFO."

Liam Krehbiel | ORBA Cloud CFO Testimonial
Liam Krehbiel, A Better Chicago

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