ecommerce BOokkeeping & ACCOUNTING

Inventory forecasting just got easier.

Weekly Bookkeeping

Your accounts payable and receivable, reconciliation and payroll are looked after by an associate.

Controller Services

Monthly review of budgeting, inventory reporting, income statements and cash flow projection.

CFO Strategy Sessions

Get insight into your financial health with our CFO checkups so that you can scale profitably.

e commerce accounting

Your new supply chain advisor.

From e-commerce, manufacturing, to multi-channel models, we look after forecasting for inventory and reporting so that you can achieve the benchmarks you need in order to succeed.

Let us take care of your 1099s and inventory data analysis.

Thanks to real-time forecasting and projections, you can be confident that you know the lead time and minimum order requirements from your manufacturers.

Using whichever inventory method you employ (standard costing, average costing, FIFO or LIFO)  we identify and track your growth KPIs.

Our customized reporting arms you with the financials to know where you stand compared with your industry peers. 

Our ecommerce bookkeeping and accounting services create and monitor financial controls. You focus on growing your business. 

"Because of our growth, finding someone with the right expertise was a challenge, but after a couple of months working with ORBA's Cloud CFO team I was like, wow, I can really let this go and just have weekly check-ins. Now data is accessible. Especially for our marketing efforts to drive growth, having data and being able to group information quickly and efficiently is super important and it’s been happening well.”

Habib Salo, Young Nails

Data to drive growth.

The Entrepreneur's CFO

Get real-time financial data to drive growth.