Financial Metrics

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Debt-to-Equity Ratio

How to Calculate Your Debt-to-Equity Ratio (With Calculator)

Why should you care about your debt-to-equity ratio? Investors care about your liquidity (asset health) and solvency (debt health), and as a business owner, you should too. In financial metrics, that means tracking your current and quick ratio and your debt-to-equity ratio respectively. On the simplest terms, debt is what you owe, equity is what you own. Includes a debt-to-equity ratio calculator and infographic.

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Free Cash Flow

Free Cash Flow: The KPI You Can’t Fake.

Why is Free Cash Flow (FCF) important for scaling companies? Simple. FCF enhances shareholder value and is an attractive metric for investors compared to price-earnings. Discover how you can easily calculate and build your company’s FCF.

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Questions for your Controller

Are You Growing Yourself Broke? Don’t Forget This Important Metric

We figured we’re due to go back to analyzing some good old fashioned financial metrics for fast growing companies. This is a topic that is integral to our services and one our founder, Chris Arndt, is especially fond of. Chris presented a workshop on these three metrics and why many scaling businesses fail because they don’t put enough emphasis on the Payback Period.

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